The Isotone Concert Series, which was launched in 2008, represents the intersection of science with music.

Isotone has a double meaning of importance to musicians and scientists. Isotone means a single tone. Isotone also refers to any of the nuclides that have the same number of neutrons but different numbers of protons (just as "isotope" refers to any nuclides with the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons).

Scott Eddlemon, percussionist with the The Isotone Concert Series Each concert offers a tribute to a famous scientist, such as Marie Curie, Richard Feynman, and Stephen Hawking. At least one work in each concert is an original composition commissioned by the Isotone founders and premiered at the concert. Scott and Susan Eddlemon, founders of the Isotone Series, are graduates of the prestigious Juilliard Music School in New York City. They are regular performers in the unique, enlightening, and sometimes humorous concerts, which also feature museum equipment as well as soloists who sing or play instruments such as the piano, flute, and harp.

I have been videographing these concerts, and herewith are the DVD disk images for most of the concerts.


The ISO image is not directly playable. It represents the layout of the contents of the DVD. You will have to use a program to create a DVD. Most of the concerts require a two-sided DVD.

These images are large (4-6 GB) so have a fast connection, and allow time for the download to complete. You might want to use Free Download Manager, which starts multiple sessions, and resumes failed transfers.


After 2013, it became apparent that it was really difficult to create an entire concert of all Isotone-like works. So the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association has incorporated an Isotone-like work into a normal chamber concert. In addition, because creating disk images hurts the video quality, I am presenting newer concerts as streaming mp4 files. They play in QuickTime. Right-click and download the (huge) files to your computer.