My new OM-1 camera finally came yesterday without the pre-order extra battery and extended warranty. They have not yet replied to my query. Support, by the way, closes at 2 PM Eastern time, so westerners will have to call before 11 AM. Not an auspicious beginning.

Another real loser is the strap. It is not breathable, and the edges are rough and dig into your neck, so I had to pay another $50 for a decent strap. This is a bad move on OM-DS's part because the strap is a walking ad for the camera.

Then there is the matter of the OM software. I do not think you can initiate the WiFi and Bluetooth without a smart phone.

The camera says you must run OM Capture to set up the camera. I Googled this and somehow downloaded the wrong version of OM Capture.

The correct links are 
OM Capture:

OM Workspace:

Why didn't OM-DS change the name of the software?? This is especially a problem because you can only pair one camera to the software, so how can I still use my E-M1 Mark II? 

You MUST use a phone app because the pairing requires that you snap a picture of a QR code displayed by the OM-1. Once you have done that, and installed the correct OM Capture from OM-DS, you can in fact connect the camera to your WiFi network (not the fake one set up by the phone). At this point, OM Capture will automatically load your photos and movies to your computer. This is NICE.

Some other nice features are in the menu system. If you press Info when at a menu, a small help screen pops up telling you the purpose of the setting. And if a menu option is disabled, it tells you why. This is very handy because I got in a situation where the camera took 5 seconds to take a shot, and this feature told me I was in Hi-Res mode. 

Also, if you are a contortionist, when viewing an image, if you press the OK button while in live view, a transparent version of the super control panel is displayed over your image.

And it is really difficult to read the PDF Instruction Manual, even on a big monitor. Why couldn't OM-DS have done this in color? Since it is not printed, this costs no more. There are only 17 bookmarks for a very complicated manual. Movies/videos is not among them.

I ordered the OM-1 battery charger with extra battery (luckily since my free one has not come). In movie mode, the view screen says that the battery will last 90 minutes—not enough for a long concert. I returned the first charger and battery because the battery would not charge fully, even after 12 hours. It turns out that you need a really powerful USB brick. Forget using the bricks that come with your cell phones. A 100-watt USB supply from Amazon cost me another $60. It takes about 3 hours to charge I think, even with the new USB supply. You must use a USB-C to USB-C cable to get the fast charging.

Right now, the above charger is the only way to get an extra battery, but MUCH cheaper chargers are available at Amazon. Just $13.

Last night I videoed a Chamber Music concert at 4k 60p, and the camera totally froze. I had to remove the battery!!! 

Olympus DS says"

‘We are currently receiving inquiries from customers using the ‘OM SYSTEM OM-1’ that the camera freezes during shooting.

As a result of our research, it was found that when shooting with the EVF (viewfinder) frame rate set to ‘high speed’, freezes occur depending on the shooting conditions. 

We have identified the cause and are currently preparing for the release of firmware that addresses this phenomenon on the Web.

Customers who have experienced the above phenomenon are kindly requested to set the EVF frame rate to ‘Standard’ before using it.

There is no such setting 'Standard'; My EV refresh rate was set to 'Normal' and it still froze, and OM-DS does not say what "shooting" means. So I doubt that the forthcoming fix will indeed solve this issue.

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