After the last firmware update on mt Panasonic Lumix DMC GX-8 camera body, The auto review screen changed so that 3/4 of it was information, and 1/4 image. I could not figure out how to change this, so I went online and tried their online chat.

When the representative answered, she sent me instructions to reset the camera. I responded that this was not what I wanted to do, and that it takes forever to reset all menu items. She never responded and left me sitting there.

Eventually I closed the chat and tried their tech support number. After a few attempts trying to get through their automated system that "understands me,"  I finally got through to a representative who asked for my serial number. Then she came back and said I had to pay $10 for a support call because it was out of warranty. I said that this was crazy because the GX-8 had not been available in the USA for a year, and hence ALL of them were under warranty. She said that their rules said to go by the serial number and the manufacture date.

I asked to speak with a supervisor. While on a 15-minute hold to reach one, I looked up my sales invoice and found that sure enough, I had not received the camera until Oct. 15, 2015, so it was indeed under warranty. She said I had to send it to her, so I forwarded the purchase e-mail to the address she gave me. She them came back and said that the receipt had to be sent in an attachment(!) and I should take a screen shot and attach it. I did this. "Why must customers jump through these hoops?" I asked. "Because it is the rule."

I then asked her to check to see if the e-mail was there, and she said to call back in 24 hours. I said that I would wait for a supervisor.

Another 15 minutes later I finally got the supervisor who said that both of my e-mails had arrived, and that I was under warranty. He answered my question (it is in the Play display settings, not in auto review). But he refused to do anything about the serial number policy, or to acknowledge that all GX-8s were under warranty, and that customers should not be asked to pay for support.

I have spent a lot of time in Japan, and this is a very un-Japanese example of customer service. Shame on you Panasonic for trying to rip people off.

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