I spent 25 years of my life working as a theoretical plasma physicist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). First I worked on tokamaks, and then on stellarators. I firmly believe that stellarators, not tokamaks, are the best way to achieve magnetic fusion, and blogged here about my dislike of ITER

Since the late 1980s, i have edited an international electronic newsletter called Stellarator News as "A Compendium of News, Proposals, Progress, and People in the International Stellarator Community." It was started by me, and sponsored by the Fusion Energy Division of ORNL. However, due to increased computer security at ORNL, beginning in May 2017, I moved Stellarator News to its own site:

I invite you all to go to the Stellarator News Site to view past issues, and to subscribe for future issues. Exciting things are happening.

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