About a year ago, I bought a German program called Piccure+. In principle, this program does the best job at sharpening blurred images due to lens softness or to camera shake. But it has a very strange (very German!) user interface, and more important, even though they claim support for DxO OpticsPro (my favorite photo editing program), I could never get it to work with DxO. In fact, TIFF files exported from DxO using the specs Piccure+ said to use, would not import into Piccure+, either from within DxO using PiccureExternal, or importing the TIFF into the full Piccure+ app on my Mac.

The only support avenue available on their Web site is an e-mail via zendesk (support@piccure.zendesk.com). I have sent 9 e-mails to them over the past year without receiving a single response.

Their contact information, shown here Piccure contact informationis woefully out of date. Prof. Dr. Hans Ruder died in 2015, and this phone number (the only one on their site) is not answered.











Here are my e-mails to Piccure via zendesk (none of then have been answered):

Piccure support requests

So, being desperate, I tried to contact Piccure via Facebook.

Here is the log of my Facebook interactions with Piccure:

You never answer my support e-mails to zendesk. Piccure+ gives errors when I use it from DxO Optics pro

JAN 27TH, 9:56AM

Dear Mr. Rome, we never received a support ticket - I am sorry. What errors do you get? Did you check the handbook (page 19 - see: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/piccureplus/ManualPiccure%2B_EN_1.0.pdf). Please call "PiccureExternal" - not piccure as explained in the handbook. Best, piccure+ Support

JUN 4TH, 5:19PM

Then your zendesk support is totally broken! Yes, I used PiccureExternal as the external app. It remains blank, with an imageMagic error. I have not yet succeeded in really improving a print with Piccure. Things "look" sharper, but there are many artifacts. I sent 2 or 3 examples of this to your sup[port desk for Piccure+2, but no answers. And that is the only contact link on your site other than an international phone call.
01-865 482-5643
This is exporting a TIFF from DxO 10 or 11
We replied multiple times - probably it ended up in your spam folder. What are your export settings in DxO?

JUN 4TH, 7:11PM

TIFF, 16 bits, 240 dpi. I looked in my gmail spam. No emails from Intelligent Imaging Solutions or piccure since 2015

JUN 6TH, 1:29PM

Any solutions?

JUN 8TH, 2:11PM

I tried opening the Tiff file made by DxO with the above settings using Piccure.App. It is unable to open the file. Piccure is quite useless to me.

JUN 9TH, 9:08AM

I await an answer...

FRI 8:35AM

Please respond to my support request

SAT 5:10AM

Please send all requests to support@piccure.zendesk.com

SAT 12:16PM

They never get answered
I have sent them there. You claim they were answered. They are not in my spam folder either.
I cannot add to my support requests either because zendesk will not let me reset my password, and I do not have one that I know of. Your system is totally broken.

TUE 10:15AM

I still have received NO support.

TUE 2:41PM

We never received any emails from a Jim Rome. Sorry, but there is no technical support on Facebook. Send your concerns to suppot@piccure.zendes.com. It is simply sending emails there. There is no registration
Dear Mr. Rome, it appears your emails are automatically flagged and treated as SPAM due to abusive comments in the past. We will not reply to your communication going forward.

Does anyone see abusive comments here?

So, I got an e-mail address from the network registration database, liu@piccure.de. He/she responded with

Dear Mr Rome,

your emails have been flagged as offensive (abusive language) in the past, that is why our system blocked them going forward. We will no longer offer any support to you. You purchased a license for a software you could test for 30 days - not a license to offend our employees.
piccure+ team

Finally, today they washed their hands of me:

James Rome,

This is a confirmation of the return processed for:

piccure+ Standard (1 Activation)

Return Total: $99.00
Return Reason: Other Reason - Refrain fron contacting or badmouthing us. We will deactivate the license and block you going forward.

Piccure Support

I responded as follows:

Your Return [PIC150622-7344-51184]
to: support@piccure.zendesk.com

No support and accusing me of abusing you is not badmouthing. I shall
certainly recommend that people not buy your product, since it never
worked properly for me, and with no support, it was useless.

Thanks for refunding my money.…



If you need any support, or want to use DxO OpticsPro with Piccure+, DO NOT BUY Piccure+. I resent being accused of abuse for requesting support and not receiving it. I own a software company and would call a customer who is having problems on the telephone.


Submitted by Tim Sutherland on Tue, 08/09/2016 - 13:06


same think happened to me I think mine quit working and they wont answer my emails

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