Since my last comments on this topic, time has marched on, and there are new entries to the fray (Amazon and Apple). I recently bought some Sony WF-1000MX4 earbuds, and decided to do free trials of Tidal (I dropped it before) and the newer Amazon Music service to check out Sony's 360 Reality Audio setup.

Spoiler alert! Qobuz is still the best streaming service, especially for classical music.

Tidal has MQA which in principle offers resolution to 320 kHz (if you can hear that high). But Qobuz offers many more high-resolution (above 16 bit/44.1 kHz) albums.

"Tidal vs Qobuz"

And all the Qobuz albums (right) are playable without special "unfolding" processors.

However, there is a real issue with Qobuz. Many of their HiRes (and other) recordings are clipped at 0 dB.

This is an Audacity capture of Schubert's Symphony in E Major D 729 (Completed by Richard Dünser), Overture "Fierabras"; Berner Symphonieorchester- Mario Venzago.

What good is a 24/96 recording if it it distorted by clipping when it is loud?

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