Yesterday, I installed the Windows 10 Tech Preview inside a Parallels virtual machine, and thus far I really like what I see.


Just as with Windows 8, Microsoft really really wants you to log in using your Microsoft account. This was problematical because I use a very long, strong password for accounts that involve money, and I could not easily remember this password to log into my machine. But now, you have the option to log in locally using a 4-digit PIN:

This helps a lot, but it means that to access your Samba shares from other machines, you still have to type in the Microsoft account complicated password and hope that the password is remembered. You can still make a local account (after you make the Microsoft one and ignore warnings), but there is no choice to make it an Administrator account. You must make the account, and go back to edit it to change the account type.

Another good feature is that (finally) in the above Metro-like interface (launched from the Control Panel), there is finally an "X" in the top right corner to click to instantly get back to the Windows desktop.

The Start Menu

The new Win10 Start Menu has the best of both worlds. A left-click

Windows 10 Start Menu
  Left-click menu   Right-click menu

Notice the instant return to Desktop option with a right-click. I especially like the instant access to things such as Computer Management and Disk Management. In Windows 8, these require some preference settings to appear.

Problems I encountered

Some programs will not install.

  • Even the latest beta Evernote gives an error writing to the registry, even when run as Administrator:
  • The Kasperky antivirus that comes with Parallels says there is a "compatibility problem."
  • Bitdefender 2015 Total Security opens a file downloader and hangs

I still hate it when programs snap to full height or width. And often this occurs I am just trying to move it to a desired location on the desktop.


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