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Friday Jan. 23, 2015 I called to complain about sudden increases in my monthly bill. After a 15 minute hold, the person said that the bill was incorrect. It took him about 20 minutes to get that fixed (supposedly), and to get a credit applied to my account.

But i said I was unhappy with the (correct) amount I was paying, and wanted to drop phone service, which I never use. I was switched to a different wait queue. The person who finally answered said I could get a contract plan for $109, but that your computer was down, and to call back.

After lunch I called back and received a person who had a heavy accent that was barely intelligible. She gave me the $109 contract plan. I emphasized that I wanted the $10 105 Mbps Internet, and that I owned my modem.

Five minutes after I hung up, my Internet died. I work at home, and this stopped me for the day. I called support on my cell phone and reached a woman with an even stronger accent.  (Note, I have a doctorate in EE from MIT and am a network expert!) I emphasized that I had changed nothing and that this happened after I hung up the phone on a service change and the problem was on Comcast's end. She refused to believe me and made me reboot and unplug everything. Of course this did not work. It took another hour.

I was then called by "advanced support" who went through the same steps. Again I said the problem was on Comcast's end and they did not believe me.

A day later, your service man arrived and figured out in 5 minutes that the idiot who had done the service plan change had forgotten to provision my Internet. Why didn't your two levels of support do this or even check on this when I said the problem was on your end? Why did I lose a day of work because of your incompetence?

Why is there no published way to file a complaint? I had to Google to get this address. I asked one of your reps for a compliant line, and I got 215 665-1700 which put me into the same menu as 1-800-comcast. Why can't a user get someone on the phone who can think rather than just reading canned scripts?

The screw-ups continued. I received my bill, and it charged me $10 for the modem. I had to call again.

In the attached bill, it says that I owe $425.70, not crediting me with the $263.46 credits I received for your screw-ups. I called again and was told that this could only be applied on the next month's bill. But this seems quite unfair because this is more than my future bills, so that I will not be even for several months. I was told that I could pay $159.79 today (which I did), and then I would not be automatically charged the remainder of the 425.70 at the billing cycle auto-charge day. Please make sure that this does NOT happen.

I will post this on my blog

Stop advertising about your improved support. It sucks.

You can complain (perhaps) by sending an e-mail to

Andrea called me back from corporate and the financial issues seem to be resolved. I now have a $113 credit. But I do not think she has the power to fix customer support, so I sent the above to (the Comcast CEO). I added the following:

  • You need to move tech support back to America. I had trouble understanding them, and they had trouble understanding me.
  • They refused to believe me when I said the problem happened 5 minutes after I changed packages and it was surely on Comcast's end of things.
  • Two levels of Tech support refused to (or could not) check to see if my service was provisioned properly. This all could have been fixed in five minutes if they did this, saving you money and bad publicity, and me aggravation.
  • The only published method for users to contact Comcast seems to be 1-800-comcast or online chat. Both of these take a lot of time on my end.
  • If I get a notice from showing me my new package: (redacted), 
    I should be able to hit reply and say "I own my own modem" and have it fixed in 5 seconds of my time instead of 15+ minutes calling 1-800-comcast. Instead, the e-mail bounces.
  • Your policy of billing ahead and refusing to apply credits until a month later is cheating the customer, especially when your bill is wrong!
  • Information on how to contact the corporate office should be readily available. No one on 1-800-comcast can provide this.
  • What should have been a simple and fast transaction turned into 4 days of frustration and angst.

    I would like a reply from those in charge as to why this all occurred. Heads should roll.

Comcast has done it again! In July (2016) I got a letter saying that Comcast had made a mistake in my billing and had not been charging me for Modem rental. I bought my Arris modem on eBay in 2012.   I of course called Comcast and protested. They said the letter was a mistake, and that I would not be charged. Twice more I got billed for the modem and had to call and argue. Yesterday, the rep said that he talked to the Tech Support  department, and they had verified that my modem was customer-owned. As I was protesting, all of my Internet (and phone) disconnected.

I called back and finally got a woman who seemed to know what to do. She investigated and found out that none of the previous reps had actually filed a trouble ticket, and because of that, the issue would never be resolved. And furthermore, she said that my Arris serial number belonged to a Comcast-owned device. This has to go to a special department that investigated these things. I offered to send the sales receipt to her, but she has no way to receive it, and said I would be contacted by the ownership department.

But she did agree to credit me with the equipment fee ($9.95/month) for a year for my trouble.  And she filed a trouble ticket and agreed to report the other three reps I had talked to for not handling this properly.

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