After Tennessee lawmakers chastised state health officials for encouraging teenagers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, the Department of Health instructed its county-level employees to halt vaccination events focused on adolescents and stop online outreach to teens, according to department emails obtained by The Tennessean.

The lack of a vaccination causes teens to die. This is no different than the polio shots, which were required. What does conservatism have to do with not getting vaccinated with the Covid shots?

Public health needs to be dissociated from politics. My Tennessee state government is a disgrace.

From CNN:

Now Dr. Michelle Fiscus, a pediatrician who has served as the state's medical director of the vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization for two years, said she is afraid for the people of her state -- which is already lagging in vaccination against the virus.
"It is just astounding to me how absolutely political and self-centered our elected people are here and how very little they care for the people of Tennessee," Fiscus told CNN in a telephone interview.
"The people of Tennessee are going to pay a price."

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