I am a great fan of T-Mobile, and have profited from owning their stock. T-Mobile now offers 5G-based Internet modems for $50 a month (auto-billed, and with no taxes or fees).

I am desperately trying to dump Comcast—the worst company to deal with. They raised my bill $20 a month, and when I tried to get support, they required me to use a cell phone link, and then said no one was available!

So, I went to the T-Mobile Web site and ordered the Internet service. (Do not go to the T-Mobile store; mine did not have any.) I got the modem the next day.

It is very restricted in what it can do. This has major implications for its use.

  • The Interface for the modem when you access it using a Web browser has NO adjustable anything! The manual shows a WiFi setup option.
    KVD useless interface
  • You can only change things such as the SSID and WiFi password using the cell phone app.
  • Speed is of course an issue. The T-Mobile Internet is definitely slower than Comcast (I have the superfast 600 Mbps down service)
  • But the biggest problem is that the T-M gateway only supports ipV6.
    • My dyndns server cannot find my home network.
    • I cannot access the music server and chat server on my home network from the Internet.
    • Many apps do not support ipv6, e.g., Roon ARC and Adium.
    • Rokus also only work on ipV4.


So, it you never need to access your home network from elsewhere, the T-M Internet is a good deal; otherwise, stay away until they improve it, or until devices and apps all support ipV6.

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