Some Web sites drive me crazy. Here are some examples:

Someone used one of my e-mail addresses to sign up for a Spotify account. Unlike properly-designed sites, Spotify does not send an e-mail that must be acknowledged in order that the account be activated. So I am getting spammed with many of their e-mails. The usual thing is to follow the unsubscribe link in the e-mail (not a good thing to do with real spam) to unsubscribe. But Spotify makes you log in to access the unsubscribe link. Of course, I do not have the login credentials. 

So I looked for a way to contact Spotify. There is no e-mail address on their site. The contact us link leads you to a Facebook login screen that says that logging in constitutes acceptance of Spotify's membership terms! This is not something that I am willing to do.

Express-Scripts is my online prescription provider. I get many phone calls from them that require providing all of my information (for privacy) to tell me that my Worry-Free Refill is about to be filled! What is the point of a Worry-Free Refill if I have to worry about it! Then I get other e-mails that have the last 4 digits of the prescription number and a link to refill it. But the link does NOT go to the prescription in question. It goes to the site login page. Today I was unable to log in using Chrome or Firefox. I entered my credentials, and it said that the page I requested was unavailable! 

They suggested that I clear cookies. I did so (for medco and express), and still cannot log in:


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