Over 300 million items were sold. They all needed to be delivered. This has stopped deliveries of ordinary mail. In my area, people have not received mail for 4 days now. I got none yesterday (including Amazon Prime packages) even though I was informed of mail to arrive. Some people just receive Prime packages and no first class mail.

A neighbor said:

"Yeah, talked to our mail person who after getting mail delivered at 8:15pm 2 weeks in a row; but we did get the mail at least. He said the mail was late and in some places maybe not delivered at all because of vacation times which they didn’t really have enough other carriers to cover for and they have either not had people to hire and/or have also not been given the go ahead to hire new people to deliver mail. ( Money issues). This is what we have been told."

The Post Office said that Amazon packages have priority over first class mail.

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