Our President has the biggest bully pulpit in the world, but he has abused this by calling everyone names and telling lies over and over again so that people start to believe them. The news media can help right these wrongs.

An elected official should never call anyone names, especially a President who is immune form prosecution for libel. 

  • All presidential news coverage should blip names that the President uses for his foes, just as if they were four-letter words.

While some things must be kept as government secrets and perhaps obscured with untruths, outright misstatement of facts (like the size of the inauguration crowd) must not be propagated to the uninformed public.

  • Every time President Trump lies, a banner should be shown stating "Untrue" and giving the correct fact(s).
  • Alternately, just refuse to broadcast untruths!.

​It is time that the news media acted to eliminate the Trump propaganda machine. The CNN "banana ads" are a wonderful example of this. John Oliver also had a wonderful Last Week Tonight where he discussed these issues. All intelligent people should watch how Trump twists the truth.


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