I had a 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid, but after 7.5 years, the main battery died. Luckily for me, the $3500 replacement was covered by an 8-year warranty. However Honda advised me to get a new car because I drive less than 5000 miles a year, and that is not enough to keep the new battery healthy.

So I shopped and got a good deal on a brand-new 2013 Honda Accord 6-cylinder EX-L sedan. It is a really pretty car. It has the best seats I have ever tried in a car and for me (with a fused neck), the rear and side camera are a big safety improvement. The 6-cylinder has enough pep for me (but less than the hybrid electronic boost provided). The back seat is huge, as is the trunk. I like the sunroof, especially its tilt feature. The keyless entry took some getting used to (and trust buildup), but I like it.

Gas mileage is awesome, much better than my old hybrid. I got 37 mpg on my last trip from Dayton, TN to Oak Ridge, TN, and that is over a lot of hills. Overall, I get about 32.5 mpg, which includes a lot of short trips to the store. The trick is to turn on the economy mode when you do not need oomph.

But there are some things that displease me.

  • There is less interior storage than in my old car. The console bin is about half the size of the old one. The front side storage compartments only have room for the smallest of micro umbrellas. There is no place to put even a small box of tissues.
  • There seems to be a limit to the number of phone book entries it imports from your linked cell phone. It left out my most important entries, and there is no way to edit this! Apparently it reimports the phone book every time your phone reconnects to the car's bluetooth. Honda says the limit is 5000 entries.
  • Honda doesn't have a clue about classical music. On a 32 GB USB drive, I have 300 albums (and I just ordered a bigger drive!). But there is no easy way to scroll through them. The albums are arranged in directories by composer, and then album. But Honda only lets you search directories that contain music files. I have 300 of them. It is impossible to turn the knob enough to get to the center of the list. Moreover, there are at least 30 "Symphony No. 1"s by various composers, and it is impossible to tell them apart. Honda needs to implement a scan by Artist, and to have some sort of faster way to scroll down the long list. There may also be a limit to the number of albums. I got a 1 TB drive and put my whole collection (4000+ albums) onto it, but the car sees just 600+ of them. Honda claims that there is no limit to the number of albums that the system can absorb, but it was impossible to scroll to even the middle of the 600 albums.
  • The scrolling issue is a safety hazard! Any list moves just one entry down the list per turn of the far right-hand knob. It is a long reach by the driver. There is no way to do a fast scan! This is not only an issue for USB music, but also is an issue for XM and the phone book.
  • The display of titles for both USB music and XM is awful. It does not display enough of a title to help. For example, "Symphony No." does not help me at all. The Artist and the Album are displayed on the same line. There is lots of room to put them on separate lines!
  • I just noticed that it always clips off the end of the last track in an album.


Submitted by jarome on Thu, 05/16/2013 - 15:16


I discovered that the Honda audio system is so dumb that it plays the tracks in the order they appear in the FAT table. Of course for pop music, it does not really matter. But for classical music, you do not want the ending of Beethoven's 9th to be played before the other movements!

I tried numerous methods of copying the files to my USB drive from my computers, including rsync to preserve the time stamps. And there are numerous methods to sort the files once they are copied.

  • I tried DriveSort. It did nothing for me. Maybe I am not using it properly.
  • I finally found Fat Sorter which works on Linux and Windows. The Windows version worked on most files, but died on full paths longer than 256 characters (a common occurence the way I tag things). However it mostly solved the problem. The Linux version (which also works on a Mac) has now been fixed to eliminate a stack overflow, and sorts everything properly.
  • YAFS -- Yet another FAT Sorter
  • Mp3DirSorter.

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