Yesterday, on May24, as promised by Sprint (after a customs delay) I received my new HTC EVO 4g LTE. I love the phone. It has every whistle and bell that I can imagine.

Here are some of my observations in no particular order:

  • It has a great FM tuner. None of the reviews have mentioned this!
  • It is somewhat difficult to hold without triggering one of the buttons on the side or top. I especially keep triggering the camera by accident. I bought an Otterbox Defender case, which solves this, but now I have a larger, heavier, inelegant phone that is well-protected.
  • I had bought a 64 GB SanDisk microSD card for the EVO and loaded it with a lot of music before the phone arrived. However, this did not work because the phone said that the card was damaged and offered to format it for me. Then it worked, but I had to reload about 40 GB of music files.
  • Incidentally, the microSD card is mounted at /mnt/sdcard/ext_sd. The built-in 16 GB of storage (not used by the OS) is at /mnt/sdcard.
  • My Mac had no problem recognizing and mounting the SD storage via the USB cable once I went into settings and told the EVO to treat the SD card as storage and not as just a power source. This is definitely the fastest way to transfer files. I had to reboot the EVO to get it to "see" all the new files. However, this only mounts the microSD card, not the internal SD storage.
  • The other nice way to connect the EVO to a computer is to use the app Software Data Cable. This allows an FTP server to connect to the EVO on port 8888. On my Mac, the app Transmit¬†then allows me to mount the EVO as a disk drive quite nicely. This mounts the internal SD card with the external one in a subdirectory.
  • I was rather appalled at the initial HTC Sense setup. They had huge widgets covering about 3 of the available 5 screens. I removed them of course. However, I still prefer the Go Launcher, which I installed. Go has several advantages:¬†
    • It allows an unlimited number of screens
    • You can pick a screen, long-press, and select all of the apps for that screen in one pass
    • It lets you customize the icon grid size and also scrolls the bottom app bar
  • Sprint (legally) allows you to use the phone as a wifi hotspot to tether your PC, and provides an app to do this. However, I have not tried this yet.
  • I tried to change my wallpaper by downloading some pictures from iPhoto, but apparently the Gallery app will not display pictures with more than 8 megapixels resolution!
  • Netflix works really well.
  • The new Comcast Android Player works very well.
  • The number and types of sensors in the EVO is awesome. It even has gravity and magnetic field sensors. Get the app Elixir2 to see all of them.
  • The phone aced the benchmark suites. Generally it displayed almost 60 frames a second, and scored 5000 on the Quadrant benchmarks.
  • I love the Swype beta keyboard.
  • The phone syncs nicely on my new 2013 Honda Accord, and playing music from the phone via bluetooth works better than using the USB because you can pick the album with just a few key presses.
  • However, Sprint's data service sucks, so Sprint is not taking much risk offering unlimited data service. I doubt I could download 2 GB running all month 24/7. At my house, I just get 3 bars (of 6) service.


Submitted by Nickoli on Mon, 05/28/2012 - 01:45


I've been searching the web endlessly for a way to transfer my music to the internal storage, and you just saved my life! Thank you VERY MUCH!

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