I signed up for the new HTC One M8 (hereafter M8) as soon as it was announced by HTC, and it arrived two days later.

I love the look, feel, and performance of the phone, and for the first time on a cell phone, the sound is really wonderful. If you hold the phone up sideways in front of your head, you hear rich, full stereo sound.

There are a few issues however:

  1. Whereas my old EVO 4G LTE received 4G LTE coverage in this area, the new M8 only receives 3G until Sprint upgrades the network software. This is a complicated issue, and is explained nicely here. This has just been fixed here, or it may have happened when I refreshed the phone's provisioning (Update Profile).
  2. Only Sprint/Google apps can write to the SD Card. This is a KitKat (Android 4.4) feature implemented for security, and is only bypassable if you root the phone. However, you can write to the SD card via USB from your computer by mounting it as a disk drive, or using HTC Sync. Thus I was able to put about 50 GB of music on my micro SD card. This issue bit me because I had backed up my old phone to the SD card and was unable to recover it.
  3. I love the (premium) Last Pass, which finally fills in your password for all applications on the phone. Thus you can have distinct, hard-to-type, strong passwords for each app. And although I have a very good password for Last Pass, they now have a new option that lets you reverify access with just an easy-to-type numeric PIN. However, to get password filling to work, you need to allow Last Pass access under Settings/Accessibility. When you do this, the Camera app (the Google one too) crashes every time you start it in or switch to portrait mode. They work in landscape mode amazingly. But there is a fix for this from Last Pass:
    -Go to 'Edit App Associations' (LastPass App > Preferences > LastPass > Edit App Associations)
    -Find the Camera App > tap on it > select 'Do not show fill window' > OK 
  4. I spent hours setting up my Sense desktop (I have many apps) and I hit the wrong app (Sprint ID?) and the phone proceeded to download lots of crapware and to wipe out my desktop! It took another two hours and gave me a cramped hand to restore things. It got wiped out again by Safe Mode (see below).
  5. I definitely love the Swype + Dragon keyboard. But somehow, it keeps being switched back to the HTC keyboard. It is hard to switch it back. You have to be in an app with the keyboard displayed, pull down the top status ber, and then there is an input method menu to click. It is NOT in the Settings panel. Sprint says: In order to keep the Swype keyboard, go to Settings > Language & Input > Default (under Keyboard & Input Methods) > Select the desired keyboard option (Swype + Dragon).  Also, update your phone's profile, just to make it more stable.  You can achieve this by going to Settings > System Updates > Update Profile. I did this, but it did not work.
  6. The M8 won't stay attached to my Olympus OM-D MD-1. The wifi attachment is essential to remotely control the camera, or to do geo-tagging. The M8 Olympus Share app attaches to the camera initially, but quickly switches to my home LAN. I presume that the LAN has a stronger signal or higher bandwidth, so this may be due to some optimization in the phone. Sprint said to turn off optimization: Settings > Mobile Data > Automatic Connections > Remove the check mark next to Sprint Connections Optimizer.
  7.  There is a serious bug in HTC Sense. If you go into Safe Mode (start the phone with the volume down key pressed until the desktop appears), all non Google/HTC/pre-loaded programs get disabled. And folders that have only other programs in them (such as my Japanese language programs) disappear, never to return when you reboot to normal mode. This wiped out my Sense desktop for the third time. I have switched to the Go Launcher.
  8. Backups. There is no way to back up the system unless you root the device. Even worse, there is no way to back up the HTC Sense desktop! I had run the HTC backup System > Backup & Reset, but this does not back up the desktop, and it can only restore if you reset the phone. Furthermore, it backs you up (by default) to Google Drive. Although it said it had backed me up, there was nothing on Google drive. I changed the default to DropBox, and the HTC backup at least worked (useless as it is). This may be due to the two-factor authentication I use for Google, but I also use it for DropBox. 
    The GO Launcher desktop allows you to backup the Go Desktop. I should have had the sense to dump Sense, and recommend that you do too. 
  9. I just took my M8 on a trip from Japan to Kamchatka, and across the Aleutian Islands to Alaska (http://jimrome.smugmug.com/From-Kyoto-to-Anchorage/). It nicely filled my cabin with music, and worked fine on the expensive ship's WiFi. But once we were ashore at Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, Homer, and Seward, there was no Sprint coverage at all. There was another carrier (Verizon?), but it did not appear until I disabled mobile data and enabled it again. This happened at each place the same way. Not sure what was happening.
  10. I now have Spark service in Oak Ridge, TN, but only one bar. This gives me about 2 Mb/s up and down.

There is a pretty good forum at https://community.sprint.com/baw/community/buzzaboutwireless/phones-and-devices/htc_phones/htc-one-m8 that serves as a place for questions and answers.


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