Script for updating the Drupal 8 core

Drupal 8 has integrated  other projects and modules into the Drupal Core. For example: Views, Symfony, and JQuery. Asz a result, whenever any of the included projects have an architecture change, or security issue, the Drupal Core must be updated, and there is not an automatic way of doing this. As a result, there have been a half-dozen Core updates in the past month, and it wastes 2–3 hours of my time whenever I must update my 6 sites. And this is if there are no bugs in the provided update, and all goes smoothly.

How you can stream your music collection

I have run out of room for CDs and records. All available wall space is taken, and cabinets can cost more than the music media. Hence, all of my music has now been transferred to my computer systems. I have about 120,000 tracks now, which take about 2 TB of storage. All newer tracks are in lossless Flac or M4a, and many are in high-resolution (24 bits up to 96 kHz). To be safe, I have FIVE copies of everything on different disks and different machines. (I have actually managed to lose three backups once...). I also have one copy in my vault. 

Do fancy speaker cables make a difference?

As an Electrical engineer, I thought that I knew enough about speaker cable. My Magnepan MG 3.7i speakers were connected to my Sanders Magtech amplifier using heavy zip cord from Monster Cable.

But ever since I bought my new Maggies (to replace my old original MG-1s), I had been unhappy with their imaging, and have been moving my speakers and my listening position, all without much effect.

How to install (or update from Drupal 7 to) Drupal 8.6

  1. Create a database, database user (with all permissions) and a database user password. Most hosting environments let you do this from a mySQL link in the Control Panel. You can administer the database using phpMyAdmin, also accessible from the Control Panel.

  2. Unpack the Drupal 8.x distribution in a directory and open that directory in a Web page.

  3. Follow the installation instructions and eventually you will be shown the site home page.

Picking a host for your Web site

This advice applies to the kind of shared hosting accounts that individuals and small organizations might use. Your site shares a server with other users.

If you want to host a Website accessible to the public, how should you go about picking the host? Most people look at the obvious things:

  • Cost (including add-ons)
  • Amount of storage
  • Number and size of databases
  • Number of email accounts
  • Free non-commercial SSL certificates
  • Speed (promised)

At the moment, I have my Websites on three different hosts:

A crash course on phishing

Recently members of one of my mailing lists received e-mail purportedly from me, and thought that I had been hacked. I am quite paranoid about computer security, so know that my systems are all secure. It takes several hours a week (at least) to do this. What I believe happened is that someone on my list has been hacked, and one of my e-mail messages to the list was intercepted, and the list was used for phishing purposes.

It is time that the news media covered President Trump properly

Our President has the biggest bully pulpit in the world, but he has abused this by calling everyone names and telling lies over and over again so that people start to believe them. The news media can help right these wrongs.

An elected official should never call anyone names, especially a President who is immune form prosecution for libel. 

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