Awful, frustrating Web site design

Some Web sites drive me crazy. Here are some examples:

Someone used one of my e-mail addresses to sign up for a Spotify account. Unlike properly-designed sites, Spotify does not send an e-mail that must be acknowledged in order that the account be activated. So I am getting spammed with many of their e-mails. The usual thing is to follow the unsubscribe link in the e-mail (not a good thing to do with real spam) to unsubscribe. But Spotify makes you log in to access the unsubscribe link. Of course, I do not have the login credentials. 

Panasonic Arc5—Great shave, design flaw

I have been a fan of Panasonic wet/dry electric shavers for many years. Just in time for the holidays, Panasonic came out with their latest and greatest (and priciest) shaver, the Arc5, Model ES-LV65s. I treated myself to one for Christmas.

The two main new features of this device are a motor that keeps a constant speed when it encounters a tough stretch of beard, and a foil that has tapered holes. And yes, this is indeed the best shave yet for me from a Panasonic razor.

First impressions of the Sony DEV-50V/B Digital Recording Binoculars

I recently went on a birding trip to Scotland with my camera and a long lens, but this was not sufficient to see most birds. On the trip, I tried many different binoculars, and discovered that I absolutely needed to have image stabilization. Without it, my shakey hands make the image bounce about. The image-stabilized Canon binoculars that I tried worked well, but were heavy. The all-weather image-stabilized Canons all cost almost $2000 and are quite heavy (2–3 pounds). In addition, I am a photography nut and want to take pictures of what I see in my binoculars.

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